Obesity: working with local communities (PH42)

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This NICE public health guideline was updated in June 2017 which has replaced the previous guideline. PH42 covers “how local communities, with support from local organisations and networks, can help prevent obesity and people from becoming overweight or help them lose weight. The main aim of this public health guideline is to support sustainable and community-wide action to achieve this”.

In this update, NICE have amended the wording of the section headed “Whose health will benefit from these recommendations” to include people with learning disabilities.

This NICE guideline makes six recommendations on:

  • Developing a sustainable, community wide approach to obesity.
  • Strategic leadership and coordinating local action.
  • Involving the community, local businesses and social enterprises.
  • Local authorities and the NHS as exemplars of good practice.
  • Planning and implementing systems for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Scrutiny and accountability.

For more information please visit: www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ph42

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