Vitamin D: increasing supplement use in at-risk groups (PH56)

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This NICE public health guideline was updated in May 2017 which has replaced the previous guideline. PH56 covers the “use of Vitamin D supplements and aims to prevent vitamin D deficiency among at-risk groups”.

When the SACN vitamin D and health report 2016 ( was published NICE had to update the introduction, recommendations 1 and 6, the context section and the glossary. Also, the at-risk age ranges were amended as well as updating the reference nutrient intake details.

This NICE guideline makes six recommendations on how to:

  • Increase access to vitamin D supplements
  • Increase local availability of vitamin D supplements for at-risk groups.
  • Ensure health professionals recommend vitamin D supplements.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of vitamin D supplements among the local population.
  • Ensure a consistent multiagency approach.
  • Monitor and evaluate the provision and uptake of vitamin D supplements.

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