Guidance for using the Ashtons Pharmacy Order Form

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If it is not possible to use the online ordering method, then orders should be placed using the Ashtons Pharmacy Order Form.

The Order Form must be used when ordering:

  • Unlicensed medication
  • Controlled Drugs
  • TTO and discharge medication
  • Blister packed medication

A separate order form should be used when placing different types of orders. For example, please keep Controlled Drugs, medication stocks and Named Patient orders on separate order forms. This will reduce the risk of dispensing errors and improve the traceability of orders as each order form has a different numbered reference code. The Ward name must be completed on each order form to enable Ashtons to supply the correct location.

Important information for faxing Ashtons Pharmacy Order Forms

Please always use an Ashtons Pharmacy Order Form, as this meets the regulatory requirements providing it is completed correctly. Once the order has been finished it must be signed and dated by the authorised clinical staff and then faxed through to Ashtons without delay.

By faxing the order well in advance of your cut-off time, you will provide the dispensary staff at Ashtons time to process the order, and dispense it.

If there are any queries we will have a better opportunity to be able to resolve them with you and ensure the supply of medication isn’t delayed.

This is a particular problem for Controlled Drugs orders as the legal requirements for ordering are much more stringent and a significant proportion of orders are not legally compliant and need to be corrected before dispensing can take place.

For obvious reasons, it is extremely important that your handwriting is clear and easy to read, and written in black pen. Otherwise, we will have to contact you to confirm the details and this can delay the supply.

Order forms should only ever be used once, and the same form shouldn’t be re-used for future orders otherwise we may duplicate the supply each time the order form is faxed.

By following this guidance and providing as much information as possible, such as the discharge dates for patients, Ashtons will be able to process and dispense your orders accurately and in a timely manner.

We thank you for your co-operation. If you have any queries about the ordering process, further guidance is provided in the Ashtons Pharmacy Information Folders which should be available on every ward.

Or you can contact our Customer Service Team for advice on 0345 222 3550.

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