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Children’s Hospice Week (CHW) is currently the only awareness and fundraising week for children with serious conditions, of its kind. These children’s hospices greatly need support and Children’s Hospice Week will go a long way to help with funding, but will also help share stories or strength and bravery to improve the public’s understanding of what life is like for families with a terminally ill child.

Being told your child has a life-limiting or life-threatening illness can turn your world upside down, and this is where children’s hospices can be a massive lifeline in helping families cope and help create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

What is the aim of Children’s Hospice Week?

Over the past few years, Children’s Hospice Week has focussed on various key themes to help shine a spotlight on important issues. In the past, Children’s Hospice Week has concentrated on families, with the aim of giving the public an idea of what families go through when caring for a seriously ill child. It highlighted how precious family time is and helped the public understand how the extensive range of services offered by children’s hospices can play a pivotal role in supporting families.

This Year, Children’s Hospice Week focusing on the theme “Life’s short, for all of us“. It wants to highlight the fact that we all want to make the most of the time we have, but for children with terminal illnesses, “life’s short” is even more poignant as they simply do not have time to waste.

Not only do children’s hospices help care for seriously ill children, but many put a lot of effort into other services such as bereavement counselling, especially where siblings are involved. Children’s hospices will put considerable effort into to helping the brothers and sisters of the children being cared for at the hospice and will look to help them emotionally during what is an extremely confusing time for them. They also facilitate families spend precious time with each other, helping children make the most of their lives. With children’s hospices supporting 49,000 seriously ill children in the UK, this is more important than ever.

Hospices are bright and happy places, focusing on helping families make the most of every moment.

Also, a lot of people still think hospices are dark, dingy and unpleasant places (just look at the way EastEnders portrayed a hospice in one of their storylines a couple of years ago), but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Children’s Hospice South West are keen to stress that contrary to popular belief, “hospices are bright and happy places focusing on helping families make the most of every moment”

Children’s hospices rely on public support as they are all charitable organisations. No one would ever want to make use of a hospice, but if the occasion arises then they are invaluable in the support they offer and the comfort they provide for the person who is seriously ill.

If you would like more information on Children’s Hospice Week, or how you can get involved, then please visit the Together for Short Lives website.

You can also show your support for Children’s Hospice Week on Twitter (@Tog4ShortLives) by using #ChildrensHospiceWeek and posting the hashtag #LifesShort.



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