The CQC State of Care Report for independent acute hospitals

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The Care Quality Commission has recently published a report on ‘The State of Care in Independent Acute Hospitals’.

It is the first inspection of its kind and now gives an in-depth look at the quality of care provided by independent non-specialist acute hospitals.

In England, 206 independent acute hospitals were inspected, looking specifically at the overall level of care and their individual core clinical services. The hospitals were inspected on five criteria which looked at how safe, how caring, how effective, how responsive and how well-led they were. The majority of these hospitals were found to be providing high-quality care for their patients, with 70% receiving a good rating or above (8% got outstanding).

Summary of the findings on the state of care

The report summarises the following (taken directly from the summary page):

  • 509 core services were inspected, covering surgery, outpatients, diagnostic imaging, medical care, services for young people and critical care
  • 36 (7%) of core services were rated as outstanding
  • 349 (69%) of core services were rated as good
  • 123 (24%) of core services were rated as ‘requires improvement’
  • 1 core service was rated as inadequate
  • Of the 206 hospitals inspected, none were rated as inadequate overall
  • Responsiveness, staff interactions with patients, effective treatment, and leadership and engagement with staff and patients were particularly strong areas in most services
  • Governance, clinical audit and safety culture were areas where services needed to make substantial improvements
  • Outpatients and diagnostic imaging services performed the best, with 83% scoring good or above
  • Services for children and young people needed the most improvement, with 41% scoring lower than ‘requires improvement’

You can read the full report here.

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