BNF dose changes to haloperidol and haloperidol decanoate (depot)

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In August 2018 dose changes were made to the haloperidol and haloperidol decanoate monographs as part of the BNF electronic monthly updates.

Haloperidol monograph (oral/IM)

Of particular relevance was the increase in maximum dose for haloperidol IM to 20mg for ‘Rapid control of severe acute psychomotor agitation associated with psychotic disorder or manic episodes of bipolar I disorder [when oral therapy is not appropriate]’. This is now in line with the haloperidol IM manufacturer’s recommended maximum dose.

This also reflects the current Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) recommendation of a 1:1 dose conversion rate between oral and IM injection rather than the previous 5:3 dose conversion rate respectively, which was recommended by the BNF.

Table 1 shows some of the relevant updated indications and doses in the electronic BNF for Adults for the haloperidol monograph.


Haloperidol decanoate monograph

The main changes include:

  • A specified maximum dose of 300mg every four weeks; andTable 2. Haloperidol Decanoate Monographan individually assessed benefit-risk for doses over 200mg every four weeks
  • Dosing interval of four weeks, although the BNF does note that a change to the dosing interval may be needed
  • An emphasis on dose equivalence and conversion with oral:
  1. “the consensus is that 2 mg per day of oral haloperidol is approximately equivalent to 15 mg per week of haloperidol decanoate depot injection”
  2. With oral supplementation: total dose for both combined not to exceed equivalent of 20mg/day (oral haloperidol)

Table 2 shows some of the relevant updated indications and doses in the electronic BNF for Adults for the haloperidol decanoate monograph.

A small test dose of haloperidol decanoate is still recommended to rule out undesirable side effects.

(Please go to for the full update to both monographs).


Please note: the revised recommended doses for Haloperidol have only been updated in the electronic BNF. The doses in the printed version of the BNF (76 edition, September 2018 – March 2019) have not yet been amended. Clinicians need to be clear about which version of the BNF is being used until the next printed version is published.



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