New formulation: clozapine (Zaponex) oral dispersible tablets

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A new formulation of clozapine will be available from June 2019 consisting of an oral dispersible tablet marketed as Zaponex orodispersible tablets by the company Leyden Delta BV.

The special feature of these tablets is that when placed on the tongue they will rapidly dissolve in saliva, and this has several advantages for patients. For instance, for people who have difficulty swallowing normal tablets, then this would be a convenient option. Also, if the patient is not complying with their prescribed treatment and is deliberately not swallowing their normal tablet, then using these rapidly dispersible oral tablets would make it more difficult for the patient not to take their clozapine medication.

Patients will need to be registered with the Zaponex treatment access system (ZTAS) monitoring service if their consultant would like to prescribe the Zaponex orodispersible tablets.

Please contact the Ashtons clozapine coordinator or pharmacist for further advice.


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