Updated British Standard for first aid kits

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The British Standards Institute (BSI) has undertaken a review of the contents of first aid kits and updated them to a new British standard specification (BS 8599–1:2019). The standard has been reviewed to reflect current first aid guidance and the modern workplace and associated risks.

BS 8599 lists what is required in small, medium, large, travel and personal issue first aid kits and critical injury packs for use in the workplace. It contains two tables listing what a first aid kit should contain and information on what the appropriate sized kit is for different workplace environments.

There have been two main changes since the 2011 Standard was published:

  • Personal issue kit and critical injury pack categories have been added to the list
  • The travel kit has been altered to match the medium vehicle kit covered in the revision of BS 8599–2:2014

Does your healthcare facility have a first aid kit for staff?

Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 employers are required to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure that if an employee is injured or taken ill at work, they receive immediate attention.

As well as emergency and medical supplies for patients, healthcare facilities should have first aid kits for staff. The first aid kit should be suitably stocked according to the outcome of your first aid assessment. Although by law your kit doesn’t have to meet the BS 8599 standard, it is a safe way to ensure you meet statutory health and safety regulations.

Ashtons can provide a range of sizes of first aid kits, depending on your workplace needs.



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