Ashtons Customer Survey 2019

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We had a fantastic response to the survey this year and we would like to say thank you to everyone who provided their feedback.

We understand the need to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and recognise that the most effective way for our business to improve is through customer feedback – be it good or bad.

Overall, we are very pleased with these results.

We are especially delighted that over 50% of respondents rated our visiting pharmacists’ overall performance as 10 out of 10.

Below are some of the other results. Scores are either out of 10 or a percentage.

  • 8.4 – Overall satisfaction with Ashtons
  • 8.4 – Likelihood to recommend Ashtons
  • 83% – Ashtons’ performance has improved or stayed the same over the last 12 months
  • 73% – Hospital performance has improved since starting with Ashtons
  • 9.0 – Performance of our visiting pharmacists
  • 9.0 – Clinical review of prescription charts and medicines management audits
  • 8.9 – Performance of our Customer Services Team
  • 8.9 – Satisfaction with Clozapine Management Service
  • 8.8 – Medicines Management
  • 8.7 – Quality of Service
  • 8.7 – Help with regulatory compliance

Thank you for your continued support. Please rest assured we will always endeavour to achieve excellence in all areas of our business and will use these results to identify where we need to improve.

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