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NICE QS187– Learning disability: care and support of people growing older

This guideline was published in July 2019 and covers the specific additional challenges in terms of care and support needs for people with a learning disability as they grow older.

Five quality statements are made, including: involvement with their needs assessments; having a named lead practitioner; having a plan for the future; an annual health check; and meeting hospital staff prior to planned admissions.



NICE QS188– Coexisting severe mental illness and substance misuseWoman smoking drugs

This NICE quality standard was published in August 2019 and covers the assessment, management and care for people over 14 who have coexisting mental health and substance misuse problems in mental health settings and in health and social care settings.

Two NICE interactive flowcharts are provided, and four quality statements are made, including:

  • initial identification of coexisting substance misuse
  • exclusion from services
  • care coordinators
  • follow-up after missed appointments.



 NICE QS189– Suicide PreventionMan looking away from therapist

This quality standard, published in September, covers ways to reduce suicide and help people bereaved or affected by suicide. It makes five quality statements about:

  • strategic suicide prevention groups
  • reducing access to methods of suicide
  • local media plans
  • adults with suicidal thoughts discussing whether they would like family and carers involved in their care
  • offering information and tailored support to people affected by suicide.








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