QS161 Sepsis

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This NICE quality standard was updated in June 2020 and covers recognising, diagnosing, and early management of sepsis. It makes five quality statements covering:

  • Suspected sepsis cases are assessed using a structured set of observations.
  • Suspected high-risk sepsis cases have an immediate review by a senior clinical decision-maker and antibiotics are given within one hour, if indicated.
  • Suspected sepsis cases that need treatment to restore cardiovascular stability have an intravenous fluid bolus within one hour of risk being assessed.
  • Suspected sepsis cases who receive intravenous antibiotics or fluid bolus are seen by a consultant if their condition fails to respond within one hour of initial treatment.
  • Suspected low-risk sepsis cases are given information about symptoms to monitor and how to access medical care.

For more information, please visit the NICE website.

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