Reminder: TTO Dispensing Resource Pack items can be re-ordered individually

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The Ashtons TTO (to take out) Dispensing Resource Pack consists of all the items a nurse will need to dispense small quantities of medicines to patients. This is ideal when patients are discharged for unplanned leave or emergency discharge. It should not replace the patients’ TTOs for planned leave or discharge.

The pack contains dispensing cartons, labels, bags, bottles, measuring cups and spoons, an oral syringe and an Ashtons pen. The labels are pre-printed allowing the nurse to write in all the required information and there is also a set of instructions to help ensure the dispensing is carried out accurately and appropriately.

Please note that all the items contained within the pack can also be ordered individually. This means that if you only need to order certain cartons or bottles you can order these individually from our online ordering site, rather than re-ordering a whole box. The product codes for all individual items have been added to the contents sheet contained within the pack or can be found on the TTO pack page on the website.


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