Action for Brain Injury Week – ‘A life of Lockdown?’

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Action for Brain Injury Week is on 17th-23rd May 2021.


This year’s theme is ‘A Life of Lockdown?’

Social isolation is something that has been experienced by many over the past year during the pandemic as a lockdowns have been in place and people have been unable to see family and friends.

However social isolation can be something that is experienced by brain injury survivors everyday as the aftereffects of their injury can make it difficult to interact with their social circle as they have before.

This can be attributed to many factors: a brain injury can cause changes in personality and behaviour which can be difficult for family and friends to accept, and tiredness can make socialising difficult. Some survivors experience problems with memory, information processing and speech which can also leave them with a lack of confidence to interact in a social setting. Many survivors are also uncomfortable in noisy environments which can make going out into environments they can’t control a daunting prospect.


What are the aims for this year?

This year brain injury awareness week aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by brain injury survivors and to give them a voice to discuss this with family and friends.

Headway has released some fantastic resources to help brain injury survivors overcome the challenges of isolation, as well as tips for family and carers on how to support a loved one. See Headway’s website for access to the resources.



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