Helping you meet medicines management regulations and standards

Helping to maintain and develop the reputations or our partners is a key goal for Ashtons

To find out more about how we can help you with regulatory compliance, please fill in your details below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Improving your regulatory compliance

Pharmacist support during regulatory inspections

During regulatory inspections, we will always have an Ashtons specialist pharmacist either at your site or monitoring the process by telephone. This ensures optimum compliance with regulations covering the management of medicines.

We will also work with you to review your medicines policies and procedures to help minimise clinical risk and help you achieve best practice standards.

We work to CQC requirements, plus HIW, HIS, HMIP and HMIC standards, where required.

Every medication dose is trackable

Prescription charts and documentation systems

Ashtons comprehensive range of hospital documentation systems have been developed by our pharmacists. They are produced in distinctive colours to help users rapidly locate relevant information and are on high-quality card to ensure durability and robustness.

We regularly develop new systems in response to evolving client needs and changing legislation.

Bespoke documentation systems can also be produced in response to specific requirements.

Our forms will help you to:

  • Meet all relevant regulations and standards
  • Promote safe and effective use of medication
  • Reduce medication errors
  • Improve medication compliance
  • Maintain an effective and compliant clinic room
  • Create a complete medication audit trail in your hospital
Prescription charts and documentation systems

Access to clinical guidelines

The CQC expects all healthcare establishments to adhere to changing medication and healthcare guidelines produced by a variety of government agencies.

We offer comprehensive assistance to easily access updates and guidelines that are most relevant to you.

These guidelines may cover devices, drugs and clinical trials, or assessment reports discussing the risks and benefits of newer medications. We give you easy access to the following:

Access to clinical guidelines

Medicines management mock inspections

Negative CQC reports appear in the media on a regular basis. We are dedicated to protecting our clients against such damage.

We offer a medicines management mock inspection service to ensure standards are being met on a day-to-day basis.

This process will:

  • Provide evidence of independent audit and quality assurance
  • Identify potential compliance issues
  • Resolve issues following any serious incident
  • Provide evidence of the resolution of issues following an adverse inspection
  • Provide evidence to help with the process of due diligence
Medicines management mock inspections

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