Helping your patients choose their treatment whilst you satisfy related Care Quality Commission requirements

This can only work if patients understand:

  • The condition they are being treated for
  • Why the treatment is important
  • The medication and treatment options available to them
  • Their effects

Accurate and efficient medicines information provides the backbone of a hospital’s compliance performance and provides a good check that you are offering the best service possible to your patients.

Improving patient involvement will also help support compliance with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales standards.

Ashtons offers the information tools outlined below:

choice and medication

Choice and Medication

An innovative online information resource, principally authored by Prof. Stephen Bazire. It covers medication and conditions used in mental health settings and provides a free, easy-to-use method to access details of wide-ranging treatments and conditions.



An innovative service that produces an electronic summary of ALL a patient’s medication. This can be printed and stored for uploading to clinical records.

mapps logo

NEWT Guidelines

An online resource to guide the administration of medication to patients with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties.

newt guidelines

Patient Information Leaflets

To comply with regulations, patients should be provided with a Patient Information Leaflet (PILs) for their prescribed medication.

To provide access for patients, it is recommended PILs are kept in the clinic room or on the ward. Patients should be made aware of their right to see the any relevant PILs, which should be provided on request.

To help you conveniently store the leaflets for patient access and satisfy relevant regulations and legal requirements, we provide you with a Patient Information Folder.

Leaflets on commonly prescribed medicines are available from Ashtons via Choice and Medication and MaPPs.

patient information leaflets

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