Providing important information for your patients about their medication

Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) for mental health medication can be accessed through Choice & Medication.

Information about all types of medication is also available via MaPPs.

To access either of these services you will need to be registered to use either our Live View System. You can also access MaPPs via or our Online Ordering Service.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these services, please call us 0345 222 3550.

Important Information about PILs

To comply with regulations, patients should be provided with a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) produced by the manufacturer for their prescribed medication. In practice, the manufacturer’s leaflets are supplied within the packaging of the licensed product. Leaflets can also be downloaded fromĀ

To provide access to PILs for inpatients, it is recommended they should be kept in the clinic room or on the ward. The leaflet can be provided to the patient at their request. Patients should be aware of their right to see the manufacturer’s leaflet.

We provide a Patient Information Folder for our hospital clients, which is designed to store the leaflets so that they are readily available and accessible to all patients on request.

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