An electronic summary of each patient’s medication

MaPPs gives an electronic summary of each patient’s medication with a plain English explanation of what each drug is and what it is for.

MaPPs is fast and very easy to use and can be accessed via Live View. Summaries can be printed by nurses and given directly to patients. This saves time for hospital staff when explaining medication and treatment to patients.

MaPPs is particularly useful for patients being discharged or being TTOs, or those who struggle to understand their condition and medication regime. Improving knowledge can improve medication compliance.

Latest features include:

  • Larger font for patients with compromised eyesight
  • Personalised reminder charts showing medication doses, time and instructions for use
  • MAR charts similarly showing patient medication regimes
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Please note that there was an an update to MaPPs over the weekend 2nd and 3rd November 2019. More details of the update can be found here:

Information about MaPPs November 2019 update.

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