Promoting safe and effective use of medication

Maintaining best practice and professional standards in medicines management is crucial to the delivery of high quality patient care.

We ensure our clients are using medicines management policies and processes that meet these standards and are in line with regulatory requirements.

  • Specialist clinical pharmacist visits
  • Involving patients in their choice of treatment
  • Pharmacy communication
  • Support for healthcare groups
Improving your medicines management

Specialist clinical pharmacist visits

Our service includes a visiting specialist clinical pharmacist to partner with your team and provide advice on medicines, best practice, and regulatory requirements.

Experts in clinical pharmacy

We train, support and mentor our pharmacists to ensure they always offer the highest quality service. This training includes an annual conference, with a range of seminars delivered by healthcare and pharmacy experts to expand their knowledge and ensure they are up-to-date.

Pharmacist on-call service until 10pm every day of the year

In addition to this expert year-round advice service, we can also arrange emergency drug deliveries, if required, which may be charged separately.

pharmacist conference

Our team of specialist pharmacists at the 2017 Ashtons Pharmacist Conference in Sussex.

What our pharmacists will do for your hospital

Our pharmacists provide clinical and medicine management audits to comply with best practice and regulatory requirements. Our approach is consistent across all our clients and follows our own clinical governance framework which includes clinical supervision and support.

The tasks carried out by our pharmacists during their visits include:

  • Clinical review of prescription charts
  • Clinical advice and guidance
  • Ongoing support with compliance
  • Review of medication policies
  • Medicines management audits
  • Reporting feedback via Ashtons Live View
What our pharmacists will do for our hospitals

Involving patients in their choice of treatment

Research shows that patients have better healthcare outcomes if they are consulted about their treatment and understand the function of their medication.

Providing this information is now a regulatory and best practice expectation and there is a range of requirements related to the need for consent.

Steps should be taken to confirm patients understand what medication they are taking, why they are taking it and what effect it has.

Involving patients in their choice of treatment

Pharmacy communication

Our reports are designed to support your internal governance procedures, monitor quality and safety and promote the cost-effective use of medicines.

They provide an overview of pharmacy activity, while also allowing managers to check patterns of ordering and safeguard against misuse of medication.

Our quarterly newsletter Ashtons Pharmacy News includes updates on drugs, legislation and new practice guidelines, plus details of our new innovations, products and services.

  • Ashtons Pharmacy News
  • Quarterly evaluation reports
  • Monthly Medication reports
  • Ashtons Business Intelligence (ABI) Financial reports
  • Ashtons Pharmacy News
  • BNF for each ward every 6 months
Pharmacy communication

Support for healthcare groups

Ashtons has a coordinated approach to medicines management for groups of hospitals, with a range of services aimed at helping larger healthcare providers maintain consistency across all of their facilities.

This includes:

  • Participation in corporate meetings
  • Group level service reports
  • Compliance assurance
  • Benchmark performance
  • Drug and therapeutics committees
  • Clear and timely invoicing
Support for healthcare groups

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