Helping enhance your governance, quality, safety and cost-effective use of medicines

Our reports are designed to:

  • Support your internal governance procedures
  • Monitor quality and safety
  • Promote the cost-effective use of medicines

To further enhance auditing and reporting, increase the visibility of actions, improve analysis and enhance evidence of compliance, all pharmacist reports are now submitted using our innovative electronic reporting system: The Ashtons Live View System.

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Ashtons Live View System

Handwritten reports are now a thing of the past. Ashtons Live View (which is exclusive and complimentary for all our clients) helps you manage your pharmacy audit information in an innovative and convenient electronic format, with a series of powerful report tools.

Live View can help you deliver better patient care through a cycle of continuous improvement, including:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Increased transparency
  • Better performance monitoring
  • Making improvements

Live View also now gives you access to a wealth of clinical information, including links to our libraries of clinical guidelines, a range of tools to help with patient involvement, the Ashtons Formulary, and recent issues of Ashtons Pharmacy News.

Also available with Ashtons Live View

The Ashtons Formulary

Developed within Ashtons exclusively for our clients, the Ashtons Formulary is accessible via Live View and aims to provide you with guidance on the use of medication in line with national guidelines and best practice.

By using the advice in the Formulary, prescribers can be confident that they are following the relevant evidence base for treatment, and will be given background information to ensure all factors are considered when making a prescribing decision.

Ashtons Pharmacy News

A quarterly newsletter to help you keep up-to-date with all the latest relevant clinical guidelines, recommendations and important medical information, as well as updates on our services and training courses.

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Quarterly evaluation reports

A summary of all of pharmacy audits for each quarter is provided in two key reports:

  • All clinic room checks and medicines management systems
  • The visits made, prescription charts reviewed and interventions made
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Monthly medication reports

These will help improve your governance by enabling your managers to check the patterns of ordering whilst providing additional safeguards against the diversion of medication.

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Financial reports

We will provide Ashtons Business Intelligence (ABI) financial reports to help you monitor the activity and spending of each of your healthcare establishments.

Where required we can also create a consolidated group report.

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