Named Patient Supplies are suitable to use whenever stock drugs are not appropriate

This includes when ordering:

  • Unlicensed medication
  • Controlled drugs
  • TTO and Discharge medication
  • Blister packed medication

Orders for Named Patient Supplies should be made via our secure NHS email:

Or faxed to:

0345 222 3551

Important information for emailing/faxing orders 

– Please order well in advance of your cut-off time

– All emailed/faxed orders must be placed using the Ashtons Pharmacy Order Form

– Please ensure names are clearly written in full – first name and surname. Dates of Birth are also useful.

– Please ensure handwriting is clear, easy to read and in black ink

– Please double check medication names before writing your order

– Always include Ward Name in the ‘Ward’ box and record sender’s name and time in the appropriate box

– Use separate order forms for Named Patient, Controlled Drug and stock orders. For governance purposes and patient confidentiality, these order types should never be mixed on the same form.

– Order forms should only be used once. Please do not reuse for any future orders

– Always include the date on the order form – for named patient and controlled drug orders this is a legal requirement

– Please ensure that there is sufficient space on the form to order all medications for each patient. Do not split a medication order over two pharmacy order forms as they are processed individually.

– Once your order is faxed, please call the Ashtons Customer Services Team to confirm receipt of your order and its accuracy.

– For TTO and blister packed medication please provide the time and date the period of leave starts and finishes.

– Blister packed medication requires a copy of the current drug chart

If you need help

If you have any queries about your orders, please call our dedicated in-house Customer Services Team on 0345 222 3550.

They are there to help you.

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